Our Mailing Address

Willoughby Community Hall
20809 83rd Avenue
Langley Twp, BC V2Y 2C4


Women’s Community Institute of the Pacific Region

An educational organization for all women dedicated to the betterment of home and family in the community and around the world.

Presidents Message

Here we are together 25 years later still assisting the Community and still going strong. We meet the first Thursday of the month at 10:30 am.

Over the years we have made contributions: Langley Memorial Hospital, Bursary at Mountain Secondary School, Food Bank, Willoughby Community Hall and other contributions as we saw fit. Our largest contribution was to our World Organization (Associated Country Women Of The World) to promote international good will and to help raise the standard of living and education of rural women. Members participate in the recycling of cell phones, pens, pencils, markers, and collecting soup labels and stamps. In conjunction with Willoughby Hall and members of the Community, we were able to save the Willoughby (1931) School from demolition. We were fortunate in being able to hold our meetings and other activities in Willoughby Hall to which we are most thankful. They have been 25 memorable years.


During the summer of 1991, through the efforts of Alice Johnson, a resident of the Willoughby area, invitations were mailed to residents in Willoughby and the surrounding areas.

An information meeting was held on September 16th, 1991 in the Willoughby Community Hall and the Langley-Willoughby Women’s Institute signed up eleven (11) Charter Members under the Farmer’s and Women’s Institute Act of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. These Charter Members were:

  • Toni Dreise
  • Alice Johnson
  • Rose McCroskey
  • Guta Mcleod
  • Lilian Newman
  • May Zimmerman
  • Joan Hill
  • Joan Kaetler
  • Myrtle McKenna
  • Barb Mykle
  • Nancy Zeller

The first regular meeting was held on September 26, 1991 and five directors were elected.

  • Alice Johnson
  • Ann Rooks
  • Barb Mykle
  • Nancy Zeller
  • Toni Dreise

On April 6, 1998, the Langley-Willoughby branch joined five other branches to form the Region which included:

  • East Chilliwack
  • Langley-Willoughby
  • Ridgedale
  • Hope and District
  • Promontory Heights
  • Upper Sumas

The Region continued with those six branches until 2008 when East Chilliwack and Ridgedale discontinued due to lack of membership.

Several of their members continued as unaffiliated members. As of 2016 there are three branches that continue to operate:

  • Hope and District
  • Promontory Heights
  • Langley-Willoughby

2016 Executives and Directors are:

  • Alice Johnson
  • Elizabeth Brynjolfson
  • Carole Jaalaid
  • Helen Lester
  • Surrindar Angl
  • Wendy Kesselring
  • Tanya Dreise
  • Joan Hill
  • Cathy Richardson


The Langley-Willoughby Women’s Community Institute address was changed in 2014 when the hall was moved 25 feet to the north and renovations were made to the Willoughby Community Hall.

The new mailing address is: 20809 83rd Ave., Langley, B.C. V2Y-2C4

Opening Ode

A goodly thing it is to meet In friendship’s circle bright,

Where nothing stains the pleasure sweet

Nor dims the radiant light.

No unkind word our lips shall pass

Nor envy sours the mind,

But each shall seek the common weal,

The good of all mankind.

Mary Stewart Collect

Keep us O Lord from pettiness;

Let us be large in thought, in word and deed.

Let us be done with fault finding and leave off self seeking.

May we put away all pretence and meet each other face to face, without self pity and without prejudice.

May we never be hasty in judgment and always be generous.

Let us take time for all things; make us grow calm, serene, gentle.

Teach us to put into action our better impulses straight forward and unafraid.

Grant that we may realize that it is the little things that create differences;

that in the big things of life we are one.

And may we strive to touch and know the great human heart, common to us all, and

O, Lord God, let us not forget to be kind.